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Oneness: Great Principles Shared by all Religions

A Timeless Gift With A Universal Message. Quoting directly from the scriptures of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism, among others, Oneness strips away the superficial differences between faiths by showing that the great religious principles are expressed similarly—and in some cases almost word for word— in every religion.

"The Golden Rule" ... "Love Thy Neighbor" ... "Judge Not" …

"It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive"... "Conquer With Love."

With an introduction by The Dalai Lama, this inspiring book shows how these and dozens of other great precepts are part of all the major religions.

Readers comment that they keep this book in their purse or pocket to read when they need inspiration. Some keep it by their bedside to read before sleep. Others read sections aloud to their children at mealtimes. Oneness is a timeless and inspiring message of humanity's essential unity, especially appropriate in today's world.

Booksellers and reviewers comment about Oneness:

"Spiritual Rx for our time. We continue re-ordering Oneness. Over the years we've sold hundreds of copies. It's wonderfully inspiring—and more timely than ever today."

21st Century Bookstore

"Oneness has been a consistent seller. We keep a stack by the check-out counter and sell around 15 or more copies a month."

Sundog Books, Seaside, FL

"An impressive array of selections ... These common precepts are the real fundamentals of religion."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Unpretentiously shows how the great religions resemble each other."

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Brilliant … [A] very important book."

Jewish Civic Press

"We are proud to have Oneness grace our shelves. It reflects the diversity that we believe in and support. It has been a consistent seller for us over the seven years I have been store manager."

Renée Rettig, The Book Shop, Hayward, CA

Ordering Information:

Oneness: Great Principles Shared
by all Religions
, by Jeffrey Moses
Ballantine Books, Tradepaper, 5 1/4" x 7 1/8"
280 pages, $13.95 U.S./$21.00 Canada
ISBN 0-345-45763-3. Revised and
expanded from previous edition. Available
through most distributors.

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