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Over the years, more than 125,000 copies of Oneness have been sold worldwide. Many readers have purchased the book as a gift for business associates, friends, and loved ones. And many keep a copy for themselves—for inspiration, enlightenment, and to read in time of trouble.

Some readers have commented that they keep a copy by their bedside, to read before sleep. Others keep a copy in their pocket or purse, for inspiration through the day. And others say that they read a selection to their children before meals, to open their awareness to the "Oneness" of all people.  Additional readers’ comments include, among many others:

"This book has travelled with me in my purse throughout the world on both business and personal trips, and is with me always when I am home. It's a great centering reminder to pull out and read at any time. I am ordering another copy because mine is so worn and dog-eared. Highly recommended."

Bellevue, Washington

"This small book, written simply yet powerfully, distills the pragmatic essence of the world's great spiritual traditions. I read it over and over, awestruck by the unity of insight among the diverse contributors to the spiritual literature. This uplifting book fills the reader with peace, direction, and ‘Oneness.’ The value far exceeds the price."

Gulf Breeze, Florida

"I wanted a book that I could pick up from time to time to receive some inspiration. ‘Oneness,’ by Jeffrey Moses, is such a book. I enjoy this book so much that I bought several volumes for all my children, so they can enjoy it and share it with their children as well. It is a must read for everyone of all faiths."


"‘Oneness’ has to rank among the most inspiring books I have read. It includes a wide range of central spiritual principles and shows how they are shared by all of the world's great religions. The Golden Rule, Love Thy Neighbor, More Blessed to Give Than to Receive, and As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap, among many others, are expressed almost word for word in the various religions. This is instructive and uplifting. I recommend Oneness highly, and encourage readers not only to buy the book for themselves, but to send it to every person they know who, in the author's own words, "believes that all religions are branches of the same tree of life."

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

"This small book contains all the religious principles that the most widespread religions hold as basics. The intent of "Oneness" is to show, through an elegantly styled layout, how these principles are very similar, and sometimes symmetrically overlapping, in religions that are commonly considered totally different (and that sometimes have come to make war on each other in virtue of such "hypothetical" incongruities).  "Oneness" is useful for understanding once and for all that morality and spirituality are patrimony of the whole human society."

United States

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