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Several hotel chains are now considering providing copies of "Oneness" in their rooms for guests.  "Oneness" provides a unified approach to religious belief that includes all faiths, making it the ideal source for inspiration in today’s multi-cultural world. Hotels today are reaching out to embrace guests of all religions, races, and cultures—and ‘Oneness" is the proven solution.  The publisher of "Oneness" is Ballantine, a division of Random House. The company can print an inexpensive edition specially designed for hotel owners or franchisors. The books would be approximately the size of regular hardcover editions, and would be ruggedly bound to preserve its high quality even with heavy use by guests. The larger size of the book would also help discourage guests from taking the book with them when leaving.   For more information about this unique program for hotels, and for details about special discounted pricing for larger orders, please contact us.

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